What are the Benefits of affiliating with Tru Family Dental?

Tru Family Dental is building a leading group of neighborhood dental offices focused on delivering lifetime quality care to patients. At Tru Family Dental, outstanding clinical care is the lifeblood that drives the rest of the company. If you are driven to deliver an outstanding dental experience to your patients with a focus on personal service and best in class clinical care, you could be a fit with Tru Family Dental. If you love dentistry, but are tired of the management burdens of running your office, you could be a fit with Tru Family Dental.

When you affiliate with Tru Family Dental, you get:

  1. Cash for your practice today
  2. Gain access to exceptional support services from Tru Dental to help you grow your practice and offload all management burdens that take you away from delivering exceptional clinical care
  3. Flexibility to plan your retirement on your timeline whether that is soon or many years away
  4. Opportunity to work with exceptional dental professionals in a clinical first organization

Getting cash for your business today:

You have spent years, sometimes decades, building value in your practice. By affiliating with Tru Family Dental, you get cash today in recognition of all your hard work AND tomorrow you get to continue delivering outstanding clinical care in a supportive environment. Taking care of your family and estate needs does not mean you have to retire. You can put away money for the future and still continue doing what you love to do.

Focus on clinical care and unload management burdens

Most dentists enjoy the clinical side of dentistry and grow frustrated with the management obligations of running your own practice. Managing supplies, paying bills, filing taxes, hiring and managing staff, maintaining computers and equipment and so much more consumes so much of your time that could be used for better things – more time away from work to enjoy with friends and family or more time in the chair delivering great patient care. With Tru Family Dental, you get to do what you love most – delivering outstanding clinical care to patients – while we take care of the rest.

Not ready for retirement or want to slow down a little bit or want to retire now?

Tru Family Dental gives you the ultimate flexibility to smoothly transition your practice at the time of your choosing. Because you have already cashed out of the value of your practice, your retirement can be gradual or all at once on a timeline that makes sense for you. You can work for several years after affiliation with Tru Family Dental or a stay for a shorter planned transition. We can work in all situations.

Worried about a large group practice?

With Tru Family Dental, you will receive the benefits of being part of a large group practice while still maintaining the single office neighborhood feel – the best of both worlds. Tru Family Dental is focused on always feeling small to staff and patients, while growing our affiliations very rapidly to bring this unique model to more patients across the Midwest. We will work to keep the local office feel of your practice while delivering the benefits of a large group.

What are the benefits of a large group?

Tru Family Dental is focused on affiliating with the brightest and best clinicians in the industry, giving you an opportunity to connect with colleagues in a cooperative environment focused on how to improve standard of care for all our patients. The environment is one of sharing with each other your knowledge and experience. Tru Family Dental places a strong emphasis on continuing education and will support your desires to continually enhance and expand your skill set.

As a group practice, we also will bring latest technology tools into your office, negotiated rates at labs and supply houses taking advantage of our purchasing, sophisticated marketing programs to attract new patients and much more.

You maintain control over treatment planning

Tru Family Dental will NEVER tell you how you should treat a patient. You have been treatment planning successfully for a long time and want you to continue operating in a way that meets the needs of patients best. Tru Family Dental will bring together our dentists in a collaborative environment to share ideas and experiences, but the ultimate decision is with you as the successful practitioner. with different products and techniques.

What is the affiliation process like?

Tru Family Dental has years of experience managing these processes in a manner that is seamless to you and your staff. We tailor the process the meet your needs and desires. We can either start with requesting some basic information about your practice that will come from your software system and your accounting firm. Based on this initial information, we can provide you with an estimated price for your practice. If that sounds good to you, we’ll schedule a time to meet and see the office.

Or we can meet first and get to know each other to make sure there is a fit on the personal level. We believe the foundation of a great partnership is mutual respect and appreciation for all parties involved.

If all is good after the initial meeting and offer, we’ll move into the closing details which can take anywhere from 30-45 days. We will keep this process outside the purview of your patients and staff by scheduling our meetings in evenings and off days, or however else you direct. Typically we like to meet the staff after all details are finalized and just prior to finalizing the partnership.

What’s next if you’re interested in learning more?

We would like to schedule a brief telephone call or in-person meeting to get to know each other. Use the contact form below to learn more.