Tru Family Dental Streamlines Practice Management With Innovative Cloud-Based Technologies

At Tru Family Dental, we’re committed to providing exceptional patient care using best-in-class technologies. Since 2015, Tru Family Dental has partnered with Denticon to bring cutting edge practice management software to all Tru Family Dental locations, which has helped connect the company as it extends its services to new cities and neighborhoods and given staff more time to focus on patient care.

Focus On the Patient

Before Tru Family Dental began using an enterprise-level software, each practice used its own desktop management system. This made it difficult for the central support center to access patient records, gather information for insurance claims, and analyze data. By consolidating to a single enterprise cloud software solution, Tru Family Dental eliminated many manual processes, which allowed the practices to spend less time gathering and analyzing data and more time with their patients.

Streamlined Visits

Thanks to Tru Family Dental’s top-of-the-line software, patients can do their paperwork online before their appointment, or complete it in-office using an iPad. Patients spend less of their visit filling out paperwork, and support staff can spend more time answering questions and welcoming visitors rather than transcribing patient paperwork into an online database.

Cloud-Based Records

The software even allows Tru Family Dental staff to consolidate payment information, past history, treatment plans, and payment information in one secure location. This cloud-based system makes it easy for patients to seamlessly switch locations without redoing their paperwork or exams.  Staff can even attach x-ray records to patient profiles, which dentists can quickly and easily reference or display during a visit – no more wasted time trying to switch inputs.

To learn more about how Tru Family Dental uses state-of-the-art software to further enhance the patient experience, read Denticon’s case study.

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