Teeth Alignment

BracesOrthodontics treats the way your teeth and jaw align. Malocclusion, crooked teeth or an insufficient bite are some reasons for getting orthodontic treatment. Teeth that have too much or not enough space in the jaw are the common reasons for malocclusion. Other causes include thumb-sucking, use of a pacifier, and early loss of teeth.

Malocclusion can be mild to severe in nature. Sometimes, orthodontic work is done for cosmetic reasons. However, there are extreme cases where orthodontic work must be done to help people eat or speak.

At Tru Family Dental, our dentists look for healthy occlusions (bites) in kids during their regular dental visit. The majority of problems associated with tooth alignment are quickly discovered by a dentist during a routine exam. Upon examination, we are able to make recommendations to help further diagnose the problems and determine the best course of action for correcting moderate to severe malocclusion.


Tru Family Dental also offers orthodontic consultation to teens and adults with malocclusion or who want to improve their smile for cosmetic reasons. Our doctors commonly recommend Invisalign® to teen and adult patients who are looking for orthodontic treatment without the hassle of wires or brackets. Invisalign offers the same quality treatment as regular braces, but with the advantage of being virtually invisible and allowing easier flossing and brushing during treatment.

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