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Pediatric dental care
One of our happy child patients.

At Tru Family Dental, kids love us, and parents trust us! We provide first-class pediatric dental services to children, teens and young adults. Our experienced staff are trained to treat your child’s teeth and gums through the multiple phases of childhood. We provide a kid-friendly environment and always make your child feel comfortable at his or her appointment and to help relieve anxiety.

Good oral hygiene starts early

Starting biannual dental visits at 12 months is recommended. It’s important to start your child’s oral care early, so they get used to seeing a dentist and begin developing good oral care habits early. This also helps our staff spot any issues early. Without early oral care, your child is susceptible to dental issues throughout his or her life. Regular pediatric dental care can help improve your child’s smile for their lifetime.

For tips on children’s dental care see our helpful guide to dental care for each stage of life from childhood through maturity. Also be sure to visit our blog for other articles, advice and helpful tips on children’s dental health.

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