Treat cavities and save your teeth with a root canal

Root canal treatment saves teeth, relieves tooth pain and returns a smile. A root canal treats the infection inside of a tooth by removing the infected area (pulp) and then filling the area with gutta-percha, a rubber-like material to save your natural teeth from further decay or loss. After treatment, the tooth is protected with a crown or filling to prevent further damage.

Tru Family Dental ensures that our patients have a comfortable experience during and after the treatment. We provide state of the art endodontic procedures that can save your teeth through root canal treatments and treating cracked teeth. Our dentist advises you of any proposed treatment and alternatives to it, and explores all of your options for the best possible care to guide you in making decisions on your dental problems and the solutions available.

If left untreated, the tooth needing a root canal can cause worsening pain or lead to an abscess.

Is it time for a root canal?

Stay proactive and treat your cavity problem.

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