5 Benefits of Visiting the Dentist Regularly

Going to the dentist probably isn’t the highlight of your year. Many people dread going to the dentist for various reasons, but we like to dissolve that stigma at Tru Family Dental. We offer gentle, comfortable dental visits for all our patients to encourage positivity during every visit.

But how often should you visit the dentist? The answer depends on your individual dental needs and goals. Since your dental health can change every few months, we suggest a regular dental exam once or twice a year.

Since your dental health can change every few months, we suggest a regular dental exam once or twice a year.

Here are five benefits of visiting the dentist regularly:

  1. Discuss dental goals with your dentist.

    Your teeth are important. They help you chew, they show off emotion, and they can give you confidence. During a dental exam and cleaning, it’s the perfect time to discuss your dental goals. Do you want straighter teeth? Do you have a chip in your tooth that’s bothering you? Is a whiter smile a goal of yours? Whatever your dental goals are, the professionals at Tru Family Dental can work with you to set timelines and help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

  2. Get a cleaner, whiter smile.

    Your smile says a lot about you. And if you’re insecure about showing your teeth, there are ways to improve your smile with each visit. During a teeth cleaning, we clean out your gums, remove plaque and tartar, and polish your teeth. Your smile will shine after a cleaning, which will only get better the more you get it done. If you’re after a whiter smile, we can also suggest professional teeth whitening services, whether it’s in the form of at-home whitening trays or an in-office whitening treatment.

  3. Ask questions about pain or discomfort.

    f you’re noticing a little discomfort here and there in your mouth, you likely won’t call your dentist unless it’s prominent. That’s why it’s important to get a yearly or twice-a-year exam to ensure what you’re feeling isn’t anything serious. At your dental exam, be sure to bring up anything that has been bothering you, whether it’s pain in your gums or discomfort when you chew.

  4. Find issues before it’s too late.

    There are many issues within teeth and gums that you might not notice unless you’re looking at each and every tooth. A professional dental exam can catch these issues, so you’ll want us to take a look before it’s too late. A small chip can lead to an infection. Gum disease can get worse over time. And if your enamel is thinning, we need to assess it before it’s too far eroded. These dental issues might seem troublesome, but know that we can handle just about any dental problem out there. We’ll assess your dental problems, give you options for a solution, and ensure we move forward with a plan to improve your dental health.

  5. Save money in the long run.

    Did you know that receiving a dental cleaning and exam can actually save you money? For example, say your tooth is on the brink of forming a cavity. We can assess the issue, give you a thorough cleaning, and inform you of ways to turn that infection around. This will save you time and money, rather than having to get that cavity filled.

When’s the last time you received a tooth cleaning? Book an appointment at Tru Family Dental now!

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